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Upcoming Shows
14 Nov. 2013 Dr. John Demos A Little Commonwealth
21 Nov. 2013 Elizabeth Shown Mills, FASG The Forgotten People: A discussion of slavery, race, research and writing
28 Nov. 2013 Peter G. Rose Food, Drink and Celebrations of the Hudson Valley Dutch
5 Dec. 2013 Joan P. Bines Words They Live By: Colonial New England Speech, Then and Now
12 Dec. 2013 Marjory O'Toole Remembering Adamsville: Creating a town-wide oral history project
19 Dec. 2013 Richard DeLuca Post Roads and Iron Horses
26 Dec. 2013 Roger Thompson Cambridge Cameos
2 Jan. 2014 George G. Morgan & Drew Smith Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques
9 Jan. 2014 Eric Lehman Becoming Tom Thumb
16 Jan. 2014 Brian Deming Boston and the Dawn of American Independence
23 Jan. 2014 Christopher Klein Strong Boy: The Life and Times of John L. Sullivan, America's First Sports Hero
30 Jan. 2014 Stephen Puleo Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919
6 Feb. 2014 Mac Griswold The Manor
13 Feb. 2014 Richard Hite Sustainable Genealogy
20 Feb. 2014 Dr. Kathleen G. Velsor The Underground Railroad on Long Island
6 March 2014 Paul Della Valle Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Boston History
13 March 2014 Tasha Caswell Through a Different Lens: 3 CT Women Photographers
20 March 2014 Steve Luxenberg Annie's Ghosts: A Journey into a Family Secret
27 March 2014 Dr. Marla Miller Rebecca Dickinson: Independence for a New England Woman
3 April 2014 Dr. Katherine Harris African American Connecticut Explored
10 April 2014 Dr. John Demos The Heathen School
17 April 2014 Dr. Thomas W. Jones, FASG Mastering Genealogical Proof
24 April 2014 Anthony Sammarco A History of Howard Johnson's
1 May 2014 Corin Hirsch Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England
8 May 2014 Susan Tejada In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti
15 May 2014 Dr. Daniel J. Tortora Fort Halifax: Winslow's Historic Outpost
22 May 2014 John Grenham Tracing Your Irish Ancestors
29 May 2014 Paul S. Gillies Uncommon Law, Ancient Roads and Other Ruminations on Vermont Legal History
5 June 2014 Dr. Gregory Flemming At the Point of a Cutlass
Archived Shows
24 August 2012 Paul Della Valle Massachusetts Troublemakers: Rebels, Reformers and Radicals from the Bay State
30 August 2012 Martin Hollick New Englanders in the 1600s: A Guide to Genealogical Research Published Between1980 and 2010
6 September 2012 Joe Manning The Lewis Hine Project
13 September 2012 Dr. Meaghan Siekman The Fairbanks House - America's oldest timber frame house
20 September 2012 Diane Rapaport The Naked Quaker
27 September 2012 Maureen Taylor The Last Muster and Fashionable Folks Hairstyles 1840-1900
4 October 2012 John Thomas Grant Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone
11 October 2012 Jonathan Kruk Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley
18 October 2012 Richard G. Tomlinson Witchcraft Prosecution: Chasing the Devil in Connecticut
25 October 2012 Deborah Navas Murdered by his Wife
1 November 2012 Eric Jay Dolin When America First Met China
8 November 2012 Dr. Jennifer L. Anderson Mahogany: The Costs of Luxury in Early America
15 November 2012 Heli Meltsner The Poorhouses of Massachusetts: A Cultural and Architectural History
22 Nov. 2012 Kathleen Wall Plimoth Plantation Culinarian talks about the First Thanksgiving and Colonial Food
29 Nov. 2012 Dr. Kenneth Lockridge A New England Town
6 Dec. 2012 Megan Smolenyak Hey, America, Your Roots Are Showing
13 Dec. 2012 Eve LaPlante Marmee & Louisa: The Untold Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Mother
20 Dec. 2102 Melissa Mannon The Unofficial Family Archivist
27 Dec. 2012 Christian McBurney The Rhode Island Campaign: The First French and American Operation in the Revolutionary War
3 Jan. 2013 Sarah Nehama In Death Lamented: The Tradition of Anglo-American Mourning Jewelry
10 Jan. 2013 David Allen Lambert New England Genealogy
17 Jan. 2013 Juliet Haines Mofford The Devil Made Me Do It!
24 Jan. 2013 Thomas & William Gilson Carved in Stone
31 Jan. 2013 Stephen Puleo The Caning: The Assault That Drove America to Civil War
7 Feb. 2013 Dr. Carla Peterson Black Gotham
14 Feb. 2013 CS Manegold Ten Hills Farm
21 Feb. 2013 James Clark Connecticut's Fife and Drum Tradition
28 Feb. 2013 Ingrid Grenon Down East Schooners and Shipmasters
7 March 2013 Michelle Coughlin One Colonial Woman's World
14 March 2013 Barbara Mathews & Melinde Lutz Byrne, FASG Records Access & Researching in the 1600s
21 March 2013 Peter F. Stevens Hidden History of the Boston Irish
28 March 2013 Dr. Ava Chamberlain The Notorious Elizabeth Tuttle
4 April 2013 Henry Z. Jones, FASG Palatine Families of New York
11 April 2013 Dr. Donald R. Friary New England Captives Carried to Canada
18 April 2013 J.L. Bell Revolutionary New England
25 April 2013 Chris Child & Scott Steward The Award Winning Descendants of Judge John Lowell of Newburyport, MA
2 May 2013 Melinde Lutz Byrne, FASG Lost Babes: Fornication Abstracts from Court Records, Essex County, MA, 1692-1745
9 May 2013 Dr. Allegra di Bonaventura For Adam's Sake
16 May 2013 Barbara Silberman Judith Sargent Murray & The Sargent House
23 May 2013 Dr. Linford Fisher The Indian Great Awakening
30 May 2013 Nancy Rubin Stuart Defiant Brides
6 June 2013 Chris Pagliuco The Great Escape of Edward Whalley and William Goffe
13 June 2013 Denise Levenick How to Archive Family Keepsakes
20 June 2013 Dr. Elaine G. Breslaw Lotions, Potions, Pills & Magic
27 June 2013 Alex R. Goldfeld The North End: A Brief History of Boston's Oldest Neighborhood
4 July 2013 Dr. Marla Miller Betsy Ross and the Making of America
11 July 2013 Andrew Carroll Here is Where
18 July 2013 Dr. Megan Marshall Margaret Fuller
25 July 2013 Dr. Nathaniel Sheidley The 300th Anniversary of Boston's Old State House
1 August 2013 Dr. Lucianne Lavin Connecticut's Indigenous People
8 August 2013 Dr. Roger Thompson From Deference to Defiance, Charlestown, MA 1629-1692
15 August 2013 Joanne Hulbert / David Allen Lambert Why Baseball Matters
22 August 2013 James Redfearn The Boston Police Strike of 1919
29 August 2013 Marian Pierre-Louis Special First Anniversary celebration!
5 Sept. 2013 Jill Norgren Rebels at the Bar
12 Sept. 2013 Helen Ullmann, FASG Colonial New England Genealogy
19 Sept. 2013 Kenneth Milano The Philadelphia Nativist Riots
26 Sept. 2013 Elise Guyette Discovering Black Vermont
3 Oct. 2013 D. Brenton Simons Witches, Rakes, and Rogues
10 Oct. 2013 Jeremy D'Entremont Ocean-Born Mary
17 Oct. 2013 Carolyn Marvin Hanging Ruth Bray
24 Oct. 2013 Dr. Michael Bell Food for the Dead
31 Oct. 2013 Diana Ross McCain Mysteries and Legends New England
7 Nov. 2013 Gary Shattuck Artful and Designing Men

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